Microgreens, a trend of modern cuisine

Offer your customers new tastes. Microgreens complement regular salads and enhance the flavour of the main courses.
World-class chefs have discovered microgreens only recently, but they have immediately become a trend and an indispensable part of modern cuisine. Compared to traditional herbs, vegetables or fruits, microgreens have a higher content of nutrients, a strong taste and bright colours. They go well with salads, become part of original dishes and can also be used as a garnish.

Premium taste and appearance

Microgreens taste and look great on a plate. Bet on modernism in gastronomy and give your customers the best.
  • Intense taste and fresh colours
  • Ideal for flavoring salads
  • Simply create new flavours

Microgreens in capsules

Always have exactly as many microgreens at your disposal as you need. We have developed a unique system for their cultivation. All you need to grow from our capsules is water. Our growing cabinet will take care of everything else.
Why microgreens by LeafLearn?

How does it work?

Want to see how our growing system works in practice? Let us know. We will be happy to show you everything directly at your office.
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Glossary of terms

Sprout, germ

The stage when the first visible part of a new plant - the germ - grows from the seed after its watering.

Microgreen, microherb, green sprout

Plant with a root, stem and fully developed cotyledons. It still draws nutrients from the germination period.

Baby green, baby vegetables

The plant with the first real developed leaves, characteristic of the species. It is self-sufficient and able to create its nutrients; the photosynthesis has begun.

Grown plant

Fully self-sufficient plant in the phase of vegetative growth. Gradually, it moves towards the generative phase, the formation of flowers and fruits.