Who are we?

We bring you the opportunity to grow healthy plants with a completely natural taste in the purest form. There is no chemistry, fertilizers, microplastics; we only use water and artificial intelligence.
We are experienced biochemists and plantarians. We believe that we are currently on the threshold of a new revolution - home cultivation 4.0. We have created our own, unique system for growing microgreens. Our system has no parallels in the world as it combines our knowledge of plant growth, a growing capsule developer by our company and sophisticated artificial intelligence. Therefore, we can make microgreens available to anyone because, with our systém, their cultivation at the place of their consumption is simple, cheap and time-saving.

About us

When the LeafLearn project was launched in 2018, we had a clear understanding. We didn’t want another “flowerpot with a lamp” or other herbs for a meaningless price, which will never look like in the advertisement. That’s why we’ve created our own, sophisticated system for growing microherbs that is entirely different from all the systems introduced so far. Our system really works - for everyone.

Our vision

We live in a time of prefabricated and chemical mixtures when the natural resources are being degraded by intensive agriculture. We care about what we eat and what ecological footprint we leave here. Therefore, we decided to return to home cultivation but in a different way than usual - with respect for nature, but also with real expertise. We want to do things right, not just copy fashion waves.
„I wanted to know what the plants needed. I wanted to be in control of what my family ate...“
… says Zbyněk Lamplot, biochemist and founder of the LeafLearn project. He has many years of experience in business and biochemistry as he cooperates, for example, with Palacky University in Olomouc.

We’re interested in the results

In addition to the perfect quality of microherbs, we focus on the maximum simplification of cultivation and affordability. Simpler is always better. Pure water is enough for the seed. Real-time optical growth analysis will advise you when it is the best time to harvest the plant.

Contact us

Do you want to try our microgreens cultivation system directly in your restaurant, business facility, shop or at home? Contact us, and we will show you everything on the spot.
We are members of the European Sprouted Seeds Association