Tools and devices for growing

We produce unique cabinets that will allow you to grow microgreens in your restaurant.

Growing cabinet

A unique cabinet gives the plant precisely the light it needs at a given stage of growth.
  • 168 x 58 x 37 cm / 50 kg
  • variants of sheet metal, glass, plastic
  • 220 V connection, consumption 50 W
  • 4 shelves for growing from capsules
The cabinet for growing a large number of microgreens can usually hold 32 capsules. The cabinet is easily scalable thanks to removable shelves; thus, the number of capsules you can place in it ranges from 16 to 50. It ensures that the capsules with germinating plants get exactly as much light as they need.
The growing cabinet is suitable for restaurants, canteens and community cultivation. It will cover the average consumption of dozens of people or medium-sized companies. You can use it wherever you need to harvest often and in larger volumes. By using the growth monitoring systém, you can effectively track how many microgreens are currently available, when there will be ready to harvest, and how many capsules you need to order to cover the planned consumption.