Why microgreens by LeafLearn?

You can grow what you want. You don't have to wait for what kind of herbs the supplier will deliver you.
With microgreens by LeafLearn, you will always have just as many herbs at your disposal as you need. In the best quality and at a reasonable price. Instead of having to wait for what herbs the supplier will bring you, you can quickly grow microgreens yourself in just 96 hours and almost without work.
We have developed a unique system for growing microgreens. We supply seeds safely placed in capsules that need to be just watered if necessary. The microgreens will then grow right in your home in our growing cabinet, which uses artificial intelligence to monitor the correct growth of microgreens.

Bargain price

We offer the best price-quality ratio on the market. Our capsules keep the seeds in top quality all year round.

Simple system

Tear off the cap from the capsule, pour water over it and place it in the growing cabinet. You don't have to worry about anything else. You can pre-stock our capsules for several months in advance.

Premium quality

We supply seeds in the best organic quality. Your microherbs will be as clean as the pure water you pour into the capsule. There are no pesticides, no fertilizers, no artificial growth rate. Only a natural and intense taste.

Artificial inteligence

Artificial intelligence supervises the proper growth of microgreens in capsules. Through a chip located in the growing cabinet, it monitors their growth, tells you if anything is wrong, or when it's best to harvest the herbs.

Comprehensive system

It couldn't be easier. Prestock the capsules, if necessary, fill the capsule with water - and then just wait. You can serve the herbs in three days.

Safe capsules

You don't have to worry about anything, thanks to the unique composition of the capsule. The capsule simulates natural conditions to make plants feel like they are growing in nature.

Growing cabinet

A unique cabinet gives the plant precisely the light it needs during the growth phase. It also contains space for germination of individual capsules.

Modern technology

Artificial intelligence oversees the proper growth of microgreens, collects and analyses data, evaluates it and passes on information about cultivated plants.

Are you interested in a demonstration?

Please leave us a contact. We will be happy to show you the growing system and microgreens samples directly at your place of business.
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